Highland Fling

It was terrific to see so many Jet riders at the Highland Fling and the conditions on the day were close to perfect with cooler temperatures and a relatively dry trail. It was also my first time racing the Full Fling and my first real preparation event for next years Cape Epic and I was fortunate to ride with many Jet riders on the trail during the event. 

With 4 events running of varying distances it's the ideal event for beginners and experienced riders. The event was well run and thoroughly enjoyable and thanks to the team for helping me get there.

We were fortunate to have some great results at the front end of the field a huge congratualtions goes to Matt Dinham winning the juniors and taking out third overall in the Half Fling which finished in an exciting 4 way sprint. In the Full Fling, Tate Dogan finished 11th overall and second in Veterans and I was please to finish in 50th and 14th in Masters. Andrew Percival had an epic ride in the 100 Miler as part of his preparation for the Pioneer Stage race in New Zealand come Januray next year.

While I am sure I did not see everyone it was great to see so many riders there - some having great days, other had bigger challenges. Congratulations to all the finishers, apologies for those who I missed and for those who were unfortunate not to finish keep coming back.

Name Time Event Pos Cat
Tate Dogan 4:55:12 Full Fling 11 2 Veterans
Mark Newton 05:39:10.7 Full Fling 50 14 Masters
SIMON GAUDIN 06:02:19.8 Full Fling 77 20 Veterans
Tim Carr 06:42:17.3 Full Fling 111 32 Veterans
Clement GRECH 07:46:57.1 Full Fling 159 41 Veterans
Andrew Percival 09:11:40.5 100 Mile 7 7th 
Matthew Dinham 02:15:06.6 Half Fling 3 1st Juniors
Nikki Hale 02:27:44.3 Some Fling 69 15 Female

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