Back to Basics

Discover a technique with less pain, better performance

Back pain is perhaps the most common injury in society and miuch of it has to do with long periods of sitting with poor posture and alignment. As such we are predisposed to back pain before we even begin cycling and the fact cycling itself requires a sitting position most riders carry over a poor sitting posture to cycling.  

Good cycling technique can be developed to combat forward compression of the spine, poor alignment and muscular imbalance around the body. While a good bike fit can help to align your body, coaching and technique servce to strengthen, improve and enhance your awareness and progress for better outcomes. 


Back to Basics Class

Learn about the hip to hand and femur to foot approach to cycling technique.

Discover FM5 strategy for developing technique.

Learn the starting technique exercises for FM5

Start strengthening your back with every ride


Class information:

10 riders

60 minute session

Cost: $30


Bookings required: