FM5 Bike Fit Session

For the rider who really wants to maximise performance or needs to reduce discomfort and pain. An FM5 bike fit will make you more aware of your balance, function and form so you can develop and self assess your technique, progress your performance and fine tune your position. The result is a safter, smarter and faster rider who can ride more frequently and for longer distances at faster speeds without overloading body tissues.


Physiotherapy session

Standing Posture

Breathing function

Functional assymetry

Structural assymetry



Physiotherapy assessments available on Mondays only.

Health rebates applicable to the physiotherapy session


FM5 Bike fit session 

1. Decompress 

Learn FM5 cue points and exercises for correct sitting position

Choose saddle width and shape and set starting height and evaluate saddle pressure

Set starting height and length for handle bars


2. Anchor

Learn FM5 exercises to stabilise the body and connect to the bike

Choose handle bar width and shape and lever position

Tune handle bar height


3. Breathe

Learn FM5 cue points to enhance function, develop endurance and strength and optimise decompression


4. Pedal technique

Learn FM5 cue points for balancing pedal stroke, when to apply different techniques and how to reduce joint pressure.

Adjust cleat position, cleat stackers

Tune seat position and height.


5. Transfer power

Improve power transfer by optimising inshoe connection to distribute force across the foot and improve stability and function.

Align hip, knee and ankle

Cleat wedging, custom insoles and pedal spacing as required


COST $399

DURATION: Allow 2 hours