Saddle fitting $99

Finding a better saddle and position in 40 minutes

If you are experiencing saddle discomfort we can help you find a more comfortable replacement saddle. Our saddle fitting with pressure mapping will enable us to measure and understand where and how the loading is affecting you and we can look at ways to optimise your position for comfort or try alternative saddles and minimise the trial and error aspects of the fit process.


Fees and Duration

Cost for a saddle fitting is $99

The service is booked as a 40 minute appointment. 

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90 Day Guarantee

We offer a 90 day saddle guarantee with a full refund on all saddles purchased in conjunction with a saddle fit service. 

Refunds are not applicable to the Saddle pressure mapping appointment


How we do it

Set up your bike or use our Retul Muve fitbike

Analyse your existing pressure

Analyse up to four alternative saddles with pressure analysis

Install a new saddle or

Provide a recommended saddle list

Provide feedback on your bike fit


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What to bring

We need to know your current fit position to perform an accurate saddle pressure mapping.

Riders can bring their own bike in or we can use our Retul Muve fit bike and set it up to your existing dimensions.

You will also need to bring your cycling shoes and cycling apparel. 

You may bring specific saddles you want to try that we do not carry instore


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Our saddles

We carry a range of saddles that are ergonomically designed and medically evaluated. Our brands include:

Specialized Body geometry

Selle SMP

ISM Adamo


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