Eating for advantage

Why athletes eat the way they do!

Few people consider why athletes eat they way they do? Its simple.

So they can out perform, out train and out recover their competition in a limited time frame to deliver maximium advantage. It makes perfect sense and as a discplaimer many athletes do not eat as well as they could - they do not have a mindset of eating for advantage. Its not a simple case of eating for fuel. Nutriution is far more than providing fuel.

Working with athletes and many of them the best in the world at endurance events, eating for advantage is a prime element of performance and finding advantages without the need for more blood sweat and tears. 

Fewer people consider why they eat the way they do, yet most wonder why they perform or have the results that they have from athletic potential to weight management, health and energy. Its quite simple too.

Mindless eating born out of convenience. If you want a great interesting read that will open up your eyes on why you eat the way you do and more than you think then read Mindless Eating.

Its not a nutriton plan full of reciepies and the basics stuff you already know. Its not dialled in about high performance sport and nutritional requireements. Its a very interesting science based book on the food landscape and why people mindlessly eat their way to where they are.vYou'll be amazed to learn how many food choices you make subconsciously in a day.  

Many people often ask my why I eat the way I do. Rather than considering if a food is good or bad, I simply ask myself what is the advantage of eating one food over another at that particular time. It will shape your mindset quite a bit. 

There will be an upcoming Eating for Advantage seminar in February on why I eat the way I do and how I apply these to elite athletes.

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