Cycling Insoles

During cycling, your feet that transmit the power from your body to your bike. This makes the connection area, shape and support between your feet and shoes important for power transfer, function and comfort. Reflective insoles will improve your stability, function and comfort on the bike.

What reflective insoles do

Benefits of reflective insoles

  • Support natural arches 
  • Increase contact area
  • Better proprioceptive function
  • Improved foot function and stability
  • Improved ankle, knee, hip alignment
  • Improved pressure distribution
  • Improve shoe fit

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Footbalance custom insoles

Reflective insoles match the exect characteristics of each foot with the shoe to increase the contact area, enhance your proprioception and improves the pressure inside the shoe. For most riders the connection in each shoe will be different and not identical to their own feet when using standard or generic insoles. It means that even if the dimensions of the shoe accomodate the feet, your foot is not fitted for stability and alignment.

Footbalance reflective insoles

  • Lightweight and easy to fit into your cycling shoes
  • Easy to adjust - if necessary we can reheat them and adjust 
  • Provide an energy return component
  • 15 minutes is all it takes for a finished product 
  • Inexpensive and lighter compared to other custom insoles used in cycling


More about your feet

Your feet are comprised of 28 bones and 27 muscles, controlling 33 types of possible mobility that impacts your alignment and proprioception. In fact they make up 25% of the body's bones and consequently riders typically have assymetrical feet that vary in length, width and arch characteristics from left to right. When transfering power to the pedals, the inshoe interface between your foot and the shoe is is the direct contact point for the foot to your equipment.

A more effective interface between your foot and the shoe supports the foot optimally for improved alignment, pressure distrubution and proprioceptive control. Improving your in shoe fit is the easiest part of the fit process and solves many bike fit related challenges and can be achieved simply with custom footbeds.


Numbness or burning sensation in the feet is a common problem which can be improved with custom cycling insoles. Most cyclists will experience foot related problems at some point. A custom cycling insole is moulded to the exact shape of your foot providing a larger contact and supporting area for your feet. If you have ever experienced numbness in the feet while cycling, also known as hotfoot, a custom insole is the first place to start as standard cycling insoles lack the support necessary for your specific foot structure.

We have solved hundreds of riders foot problems without the need for new shoes, pedal systems or cleat changes and adjustments with a 100% Custom insole for cycling made in our Sydney bike fitting studio. We use Footbalance 100% Custom insoles that are moulded to the exact shape of each individual foot which lower the pressure on the tissues of the feet during cycling and improve the foot stability inside the shoe.

We can address numbness of the feet during a bike fit or you can make a stand alone appointment just for cycling insoles.