Fitting Tips

How to choose a bike size?

Choose a bicycle frame size where the Rider Window aligns/overlaps to the Bicycle Window as much as possible. We can help you with this. The larger the windows are of each and the more they overlay the better the fit outcome and the more ability you have to accommodate changes as the Rider Window changes. A setup where the rider is outside of the Rider window means they typically have a reduction in performance, comfort and sustainability.

Can I ride more than one size of bike?

The Bike Window often overlaps across two or more sizes, meaning a rider can ride two bike sizes of the same model without any concerns and achieve a good fit. There will be differences in how the frame sizes respond on the road (handling) and the choice comes down to preferences in riding style and future needs or changes over time where one may be better than the other. Ie what are the furture windows of overlap that may be required.

If I can ride more than one size, which one should I choose?

Choose the size that has the most overlap if you are considering all future needs and where the bike does not require extreme modification for you to ride in your comfortable position. Where the Rider Window and the Bike Window have a small overlap, the bike may not be the best choice as the position window will be limited and may not accommodate future needs that arise. Choose the size that has more overlap in your "performance window"if you are a competitive athlete. As a rider chases more performance they will push towards the outer edges of the bike window.