"I dropped good money on a Roubaix 20 here this week and here's why.........SERVICE!!!!!!..I'm looking for a new ride after kissing dirt last year. Went to 6 shops. Last stop JET. Met David. He must have Italiano blood. Appasionato. The only bloke to have a good yarn with me about my ride history and my requirements and make some suggestions. I have been on the road for 40+years. Vecchio. Very attractive shop by the way. And I've been in bike shops all over Italy.
But wait.....there's more!! You get Adam. The fit and body man. I felt very special in the geometry studio firstly for a professional measure up for frame size and then return for a fine tune on the jig for a final fit and get great advice on position. Also appasionato. A great combo. Go to JET and ask for David. Start a convo. Just sayin'. Grazie ragazzi."
- Mark Cleary