Are you aligned or accommodated to your bike?

Everyday we are asked questions about riding from saddles to shoes, injuries to training and performance. We've been fitting bikes and treating injuries for years along with plenty of riding and coaching of althletes and we sit down regularly to review our cases and consider the questions we have been asked about the connection a rider has with their bike.

As a rider your primary question should be:

"am I sitting correctly or am I sitting accomodated"

The majority of riders are riding their bikes in an accomodated manner and their questions are about finding changes in position and equipment that "fit" their accomodation. This is typical of an equipment based approach.

On the topic of alignment much of the fitting industry is focussed on accomodating the bike and aligning the rider to the bike.


Alignment is how it works, correction is crucial to the long term

The first step is actually to align the body itself. How does your spine aline to itself, how does it align to the pelvis, how do your shoulders align to the torso. How are your feet aligned to your body?

These are a few of the questions and check we make and then its about creating awareness and correction to setup a long term progression.


Make slections from a position of awareness andundersstanding

Once you can ride with an awareness and understanding of alignment, your ability to select a saddle or other equipment changes improves as your feedback and ability to evaluate is better.

You are aligned and know if your equipment can support an aligned body position.

You know how when alignment is comprimised with equipment changes or position changes.

You know how to make improvements in your alignment and progress your position.


How we can help with alignment and awareness

Physiotherapy assessment

Bike Fitting 

Technique workshop

One on one classes




Develop an awarenes of alignment

Learn to ride with an aligned technique

Select and change equipment to meet an aligned body

Accomodations are short term and you will remain on an accomodated progress of limitations.

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