Warm up

Are you failing your warmup? Why a joint by joint approach makes you feel better.

Most riders go through some form of warmup as a box ticking process, when it can be a performance multiplier.

When we consider warm up most thing gentle warm up to heat up the muscles, start loading the metabilic system and getting ready for the main set. Of course most athletes fail to complete a structured warmup at all.

Rather than a general low loading exercise done before stretching, I like to take a specific approach - a joint by joint approach to engage the nervous systsem and improve awareness and control. The control of your system and ability to be aware and self corretc or moderate your movement speed and loads that leads to best performance.


A Joint by Joint  (JBJ) Approach 

Following a joint by joint approach to warmup really enhances your awareness and connects you into your nervous system.

Its an easy to perform process that requires no equipment, gives you feedback of your movement capability and connects your body together.

By focsing on each small part or joint you focus carefully on your body and become aware of it.

It can be as little as 5 minutes and as long as 15 minutes and most athletes are amazed when they fail at it.



It will provide you feedback on tightspots and areas that need some work before loading it more.

I start with the toes and move through the body in a joint by joint approach.

Get your body warmed up, the heart rate and respiratory rates elevated

Your entire body will be connected - the brain, muscles and metabilism will be ready to go.


Join us at our next Coaching Science seminar for an introduction to the JBJ Warmup

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